There is no statutory close season for pike in Ireland and they may be fished for all year. Note however the new Angling bylaws (2006) that states specifically for pike anglers :
• A bag limit of 1 Pike in any one day,
• Prohibits the killing of any pike greater than 50 cm in length,
• Prohibits the possession by any person of more than 1 whole pike less than 50 cm or more than 0.75 kgs of pike flesh, this provision does not apply to a person storing pike or pike parts subject to conditions,
• Prohibits the possession by any person of more than 12 coarse fish for use as bait subject to conditions.
  As the behaviour of the fish follows seasonal patterns, so the methods of fishing for them should change correspondingly. In winter and early spring the hen pike are at their heaviest, and these fish are often taken by static methods. After April, when water temperatures start to rise and the pike feed heavily to recover weight, mobile methods such as sink-and-draw deadbaits or spinning with artificial lures can be more productive. All methods can be productive during the summer months. Fly-fishing for pike is becoming more popular, and as with all fly-fishing, can be heavily influenced by the weather – not just the wind which will effect the anglers ability to cast and position a fly precisely where desired, but also the water temperature will directly influence the correct fly and retrieve to present to the pike in order to stimulate a reaction. It is remarkable how getting these factors right will often produce a strike when other methods seem to hold no hope – particularly with larger fish.
The influence of the Irish climate, as well as the habits of the pike, also has to be taken into account. Most Irish rivers and loughs are subject to seasonal rhythms of high and low water. Winter floods will put some rivers out of condition from time to time, and affect access to the loughs. The high winds of spring and autumn can render boat fishing on the bigger loughs unsafe for short periods. However, the pike fisherman in Ireland will always find sheltered waters available when others are affected by floods or gales.
The Great Pikefishing Company has access to not only the larger and better know Loughs of the region, but also smaller and secluded lakes that are only a short drive away. These lakes not only provide shelter from the elements, but are also known to carry good number of specimen pike.
In case you want to find out, weather forecasts are broadcast daily on RTE Radio and Television. Check programme guides in the daily newspapers for times. They are also available on Aertel. Telephone weather forecasts are available from the Irish Metreological Service - Met Eireann.
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