With so much time elapsed since the evolution of the Pike (measured in millions of years) and since its proliferation across Ireland since the 14th century – there is bound to be some considerable debate about records and past specimens.

The official record for Ireland is 42lb 12oz caught by Larry Kelly in 2005. Many stories, some better documented than others, exist however of pike much larger than this. Perhaps the best known and respected of attempts to document large pike was made by the renowned pike fisherman Fred Buller. In his famous treatise “The Doomsday book of mammoth Pike”, he documents his research and results of enquiries that include 230 pike caught in Europe from 92lbs to 230lbs.

Although many may question some of the authenticity of the supporting evidence, and clearly the lack of procedure of a bygone age, there can surely be no doubt that some enormous Pike have been discovered and caught over the years.

These records point to the Loughs and Lakes of the Shannon fishery as some of the most productive waters anywhere for specimen pike – and large pike continue to be taken with frequency.

The top 3 pike documented in this treatise all originate from this region :

1. “The Marquis’s Pike” which weighed in at 92lbs taken from the River Shannon.
2. “Naughton and Sheehy’s Pike”, weight 90.5lbs, 68ins in length taken from Lough Derg
“The Meelick Lock Pike”, weight 90lbs, length 69ins taken from


MeelickLock on the River Shannon.
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