Shannon Natural Beauty

The Burren
This lunar-like, rocky landscape is a National Park and geological wonderland of terraced grey limestone
covering 250 square km in north Clare. The Burren is world-famous for the richness and beauty of its wild
flowers, where Arctic and Mediterranean species flourish side by side.

Cliffs of Moher
This giant rampart of rugged, rocky coastline on the edge of the Burren plunges dramatically to silent, Atlantic waves from a height of over 200 metres (700 feet). Its towering cliff face of sheer visual force is home
to many species of sea birds. Cruises operate to the foot of the cliffs.

Aillwee Cave
Formed by nature over millions of years, the cave penetrates about 1000 metres, deep into the Burren
mountainside. This spectacular underground labyrinth traverses wonderfully eerie formations, beautifully orchestrated by evocative lighting.

Loop Head Peninsula
Wedge-shaped, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Shannon Estuary on the other, cliff-girded Loop
Head, gives the feeling of standing at the end of the world. The lighthouse that stands at the tip of the head
has been flashing its warning signal to shipping for 300 years.

Dolphin watching
The sheltered waters of the Shannon Estuary are home to a community of about 100 Bottlenose Dolphins,
one of the largest 'pods' in Europe. These beautiful creatures can be observed from boat trips operating from Carrigaholt and Kilrush.

Golden Vale
This great plain of some of the richest agricultural land in Europe is indeed 'a land of infinite bounty', presenting
a delightful pattern of green fields and hedgerows. Ballyhoura Mountain Park is at the heart of the region
and is ideal countryside for outdoor activities.

Slieve Bloom Mountains
The stark contrast of looming mountains rising suddenly from surrounding plains, gives this beautiful mountain
range a lofty, imposing appearance which belies its modest height. This is gentle, romantic countryside that
evolved from coniferous woodland to verdant valleys and large tracts of peatland on the high moors.

Callows and Peatlands
The water meadows of the River Shannon form a great expanse of green land, offering a haven for birds and
bird-watchers: corncrakes breed there in summer, waterfowl by the thousand gather in winter. The
seemingly endless, level peatlands nearby constitute one of the largest remaining tracts of raised bog in western Europe.

Aran Islands
The inhabitants of the three legendary islands proudly preserve the Irish language and an ancient tradition of
farming and fishing. Timeless land in an endless sea, weathered monuments on spectacular cliffs, great
labyrinths of limestone walls, patchwork fields and quiet beaches. Passenger ferries operate from
Doolin and Liscannor on the Clare coast.

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