The Great Pike Fishing Company have been providing clients with service for over 10 years. We are happy to customise your trip to achieve your aspirations and budget. We operate 20 boats in the region, and as well as lakeside access to the famous Logh Derg fishery, also have facilities on several but less well know lakes a short distance away that are barely fished – but known to hold trophy pike. Our accommodation ranges from full service Lakeside houses to Bed&Breakfast. You decide how, where and when to fish – and we will provide all support, services and equipment to ensure your success.
Here we will provide you with tools, links and information on fishing in the Shannon region. On arrival, we will provide custom charts of the lake with specific fishing information to get you on the fish quickly Click here to review our boathouses, boats, accommodation and pictures of past clients with large smiles and big fish in their hands Combine fishing with hunting in season. We can provide all necessary services and facilities with safety. We have access to proprietary shooting land and will host you on a one day hunt for pigeon or deer.
    Research and read about some of the biggest Pike in the world caught here on our lakes up to 70lbs !!
    Our clients experiences – straight from them. They will tell you exactly what you should expect. Great Equipment , Great Accommodation, Great Hospitality – and Great Pike Fishing