Flyfishing for Pike
The most important thing to be successful in your pursuit of the pike on a flyrod is to have the right tackle that is balanced. Ideally that would mean an 8/9wt outfit that you are comfortable with and able to cast large flies into tight locations. Massive amounts of backing are not required, as the pike are not known for long blistering runs – although the take can be very aggressive and sharp, so many pople prefer direct drive reels or anti-reverse reels to safeguard against “knuckle lash”.
Flies in general should be large and colourful. Streamer types are often very productive – such as the streamer shown here. For ease of casting, synthetic flies work best as they shed water quickly on the pickup and backcast.

Natural (or imitate) “Bunny” type flies are always attractive to Pike, as they carry water well on the retrieve and produce the slow rise and fall that can stimulate the bite on a slow retrieve.


Natural imitations such as frog (as shown left), shrimp……even small mice work in quiet waters casting into shallower depths..

Finally – it is very hard to beat poppers for downright excitement ! It is hard to suggest poppers that are too big or too colourful to cast at marauding pike. All types work well, from the foam headed type with feathers or streamers tied down the shank………………..
……………to the basic pencil popper in gaudy colours of yellow, chartreuse, pink and red (with a sprinkling of gold and silver if you fancy !)
Research and read about some of the biggest Pike in the world caught here on our lakes up to 70lbs !!
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