Boats & Equipment
The Great Pikefishing Company has up to 20 boats at your disposal. The majority of the boats are located in our boathouses conveniently situated by the lakeside villas with convenient direct access to Lough Derg. Some boats are located on minor lakes and loughs in the vicinity that may also be productively fished for Pike
The boathouses also contain some basic ameneties for secure storage of fishing equipment – so that you are able to either leave it in the boat after a day out fishing, or within the boathouse to dry. You will be provided with a key to the boathouse closest to your accommodation so that you have access to the boat and your gear as and when you need it.The boathouses are permanent structures with large electrically driven doors at the entrance and direcrt access then through a private canal to the open lough.
We use custom made Irish lake boats primarily from Burke Boats of Mayo ( – each boat can accommodate up to three anglers in safety and comfort.
The boats are fully equipped with safety equipment such as life jackets (mandatory on all Irish open water lakes), buoyancy tanks, comfortable seating and nonskid surfaces. The majority of boats use 5hp four stroke outboard engines for comfort, noise and reliability.While we do have some foul weather gear available to our clients, it is advisable to bring your own if possible for comfort and to ensure availability – as it can rain even on sunny days in Ireland !

The boats do have some dry storage areas, so you are advised to bring several layers of clothing and to store some on the boat when leaving for the day so that it is available if the weather turns, or if a breeze blows up on the lake. Other suggested optional equipment are polarised sunglasses, gloves (ideally neoprene or waterproof), lanyards/croakies for glasses (once they go over the side, they are usually gone for good !), hats, sunscreen and mobilephone (GSM).


We will supply most equipment needed for conventionl fishing such as deadbaiting, trolling or spinning. We do not supply plugs, spinners etc, but we do have them available for a nominal charge.
If you would like to use deadbaits (live baits are not allowed on Irish lakes), we will be happy to arrange supply to you at a nominal charge – pease let us know in advance however about what type you prefer, and quantities to be ordered.

We will be providing you with a guide map for Lough Derg and giving you some guidance about patterns to fish, suggested locales for different types of fishing, and availabilty of convenient landing stages where you may pull into shallow water and gain landfall for lunch.
Research and read about some of the biggest Pike in the world caught here on our lakes up to 70lbs !!
    Our clients experiences – straight from them. They will tell you exactly what you should expect. Great Equipment , Great Accommodation, Great Hospitality – and Great Pike Fishing
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